Frequently Asked Questions


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1. What areas does the GSC focus on?

The GSC group focuses on the topics of interest to its membership as identified by the membership at and between plenary meetings. These topics usually relate to the overall improvement of the Billing, Settlements and Reference Data functions through process standards or systems' functionality including but limited to contracting, rate change notification, exchange of accounts and settlements, collections, credit assessment, etc. Please refer also to our "About GSC Group" section.

2. How did the GSC Group come about?

The GSC was founded by a group of carriers who saw the need for a Billing and Settlement forum in the telecommunications industry. The industry already had Network and Sales forums, but nothing existed for the benefit of the Billing and Settlements team that needed to implement the agreements being made.

3. What is the goal of the GSC Group?

GSC Group aim to provide Carriers a unique forum to address issues with the view to establish business solutions and standards in the area of Telco's inter-carrier business. It facilitates the development of practical solutions to ease carrier's day to day business. Please refer to the "About GSC Group" section from our public page.

4. How can obtain more information about GSC Group and apply for membership?

Email your interest to GSC Executive Council via

5. How can I access the website as a registered user?

The GSC website is divided in two main sections: Public Area & Member's Page. You can access and browse the public section without registration. To gain access to the Member's Page, you must be a GSC Member. Please contact GSC Executive Council via  to obtain a login/password after payment of membership fee.