"We have gained a lot from our participations in the GSC Forums.

First of all we met our partners and we talked about issues that were for a long period open. The face to face contact was very fruitful and we managed to settle many of this kind of matters.

Disputes and nettings was a quite important issues for us and we learned a lot about resolving disputes, handling dispute issues, settlements with carriers for example that we have small amount of invoices but need to be cleared etc.

Fraud traffic and disputes that were presented in the last GSC Forum in London, was also a sector that concerns our company for this period of time. We took information valuable for us in order to be able to manage this kind of disputes (how to investigate fraud disputes, to communicate with our provider/customer etc).

Cash flow and contract issues are topics that concerns us also and besides the information and we have gained in the last GSC Forums, we look forward to having further analysis in future GSCForums."


Lilia Mousouli

Customer Accounts Administrator
Intl Billing & Settlements dpt. / Finance Division, OTEGLOBE




     "The GSC is exactly what I want to attend every year. Thanks to GSC Forums, we can develop knowledge on other fields in Telecommunications industry, (and) develop connections among GSC members. The relationship between GSC members helps us to gain good negotiation in business cooperation."


Le Thi Hein

Head-International Accounting & Settlements, VNPT Vietnam




     "As a business optimization solutions provider, it is very important for us to keep abreast of the problems operators face on a day to day basis. GSC provides an excellent platform to share knowledge, discuss problems, solutions and process improvements. It benefits both operators and vendors alike."


Arvind Mahesh

Technical Product Manager, SUBEX




     "The event is enlightening; a lot of practices from different operators are useful and become new approach to improve my own business process.‚ The formal and informal sharing (of information) is good (in) solving similar problem that happen in my job and my Company.‚ Many thanks to every speaker that from them I learn methods, theories and possibilities to be more efficient and prepare a better risk taking step."



Andi Priyasdanto

Manager - Billing Assurance, TELIN Indonesia





     ".. found the (GSC) experience extremely rewarding both in terms of building relationship with other members and learning about best practices. I have found the presentations to be of a high standard where presenters have extensive experience and insights in their chosen topics. I have enjoyed both the social and the serious work elements of the conference and look forward to meeting all at the next one."



Bhabhindar Cooley





     "I take back a wealth of information on best practice and the upcoming trends in telecommunications and how these impact the business. (These learnings) will enable me to put in place a sound strategy for growing (the) international business whilst effectively managing people, processes, policies and procedures."



Linda Nxonald

Manager - International Business, SPTC Swaziland




     "(The GSC) has evolved now to become an event for sharing, exposure to best practices and the only platform for the settlements teams of Telcos to proactively work together to add value to their and others' processes."



Nijo Alukaren

Director - Revenue Assurance, PCCW Global Hong Kong




     "...The forum is also a best platform for the carriers to meet up personally, resolve bilateral issues and renders new carriers to build network collaborations and (build) business confidence."



Fathemawati Che Ani

Head - Settlement, Digi Communications Sdn Bhd Malaysia




     "I am really impressed on the role played by the GSC to its members and non-members. As a non-member, the GSC has benefited me to enhance the relationship between business partners. This forum has become a platform for me to enhance the knowledge in the areas of revenue assurance, fraud management, industry best practices and relevant current topics. The GSC Forum add(s) real value to its members and non-members as well. I wish GSC to grow strength to strength."


L.S.S.K. Silva

General Manager - Revenue Collection, Sri Lanka Telecom Sri Lanka