List of Benefits


Benefits from participation include the opportunity to:

     » Share "value added" information and ideas first hand;

     » Understand new directions & demands that are placed on inter Carrier Wholesale billing;

     » Build relationships and network with your global counterparts;

     » Participate in workshop‚ and benefit from knowledge sharing;

     » Learn from Carriers' "Lessons Leaned" - how they have managed demanding challenges and

        be made aware of possible solutions available so they can apply in their own environment

     » Foresee upcoming trends given Telecommunications changing product portfolios and increased
        market pressures

Develop standards and processes to wit:

     » Dispute resolution process submitted to ITU-T Study Group 3 for evaluation and documentation

     » DRO/DSO Setting in an effort to  provide a normalized benchmarking index to be

        referred by Carrier

     » Provide sharing experiences forum, value added initiatives and develop business solutions to further
        benefit Carrier companies;

     » Engage expert speakers to present at GSC Forums ;

     » Workshop, develop and promote best practices for Inter Carrier operations such as Wholesale

        Dispute resolution, CDR comparison, Complex Deals, Credit Management, etc.

     » Workshop emerging issues and challenges facing Carriers;

     » Bring Carriers together to address inter carrier billing & settlement issues and develop business
        processes and guidelines

     » Provide venue for trade reference and areas of credit management information exchange that

        are critical to account management

Details of previous agendas and workshops are available on this site:


     18th Forum - Windsor, UK (March 2012)
     17th Forum - Hanoi, Vietnam (October 2011)
     16th Forum - Cape town, South Africa (May 2011)
     15th Forum - Taipei, Taiwan (November 2010)
     14th Forum - Brugge, Belgium (June 2010)
     13th Forum - Bali, Indonesia (October 2009)
     12th Forum - Athens, Greece (May 2009)
     11th Forum - Cebu, Philippines (September 2008)
     10th Forum - Krakow, Poland (April 2008)
     9th Forum - Manila, Philippines (October 2007)
     8th Forum - Madrid, Spain (April 2007)
     7th Forum - Singapore (October 2006)
     6th Forum - Brussels, Belgium (April 2006)
     5th Forum - Toronto, Canada (October 2005)
     4th Forum - Hong Kong (March 2005)
     3rd Forum - Paris, France (April 2004)
     2nd Forum - Vancouver, Canada (October 2003)
     1st Forum - Singapore (March 2003)