History and Progress


GSC Grouphistory and progress...so far


The GSC Group was formed in January 2003 by a collective of leading and like minded Carriers whose priority is to support flexible electronic information exchange in all continents, facilitate standardizing of billing and settlement processes, and develop best practice business process guidelines.


The outstanding success of the inaugural meeting of the GSC Group in Singapore (March 2003) revealed an untapped demand among Telecommunications Carriers for a global forum dedicated to discussing issues and agreeing on new standards for international billing and settlements. Further success at our second meeting in Vancouver (October 2003) encouraged more Carriers joining as GSC members.


Our third and fourth meetings, in Paris (April 2004) and Hong Kong (March 2005), respectively, were well received and confirmed by the wide audience and the continued Carriers interest which allowed GSC Group to progress with the establishment of guidelines in several areas including Complex Swap Deals, Dispute Resolution, Credit Management, Full Invoicing, Net Settlement etc.


The GSC Group has been receiving wide and positive feedback from major Carriers from all continents. The Group's initiatives also received warm welcome and enthusiastic response from the ITU/TSB/ITU Study Group 3, which invited GSC Group to cooperate as contributor to its activities. Joining the GSC Group as a member will give Carriers access to valuable information that will enable cost savings through processes automation, business process transformation, cost cutting measures, revenue assurance, benchmarking and information exchange. The Group's key priorities are to continue working towards improving billing document accuracy, enhancing communication and relations between partners, and thereby hasten dispute resolution, collection and settlement.


Currently the need to converge has evolved and Carriers continually meet up to complement the work completed within the Company premises with face-to-face meetings on venue and resolve issues affecting effective account management.


These achievements spurred the growth of the group's membership worldwide. More developments and updates are available under the GSC News & Events.



GSC Forum


Our global forum features speakers from many different organizations and backgrounds and will provide you with an insight into how other Carriers tackle complex billing and settlement issues such as credit management policy, revenue assurance, bankruptcy, invoice validation and disputes process, mixed commercial arrangements (ITU traffic accounting verses wholesale mode of operations), reference data management, voice trading implications, Fraud management, finance management of mobile data products and international settlement process.


The Forum is held twice a year and offers a section of presentation and workshops relevant to inter Carriers business nominated by the Carriers, Executive Council and GSC Members as a whole. The GSC Group has held global Forums in Singapore, Vancouver, Paris, Hong Kong, Toronto, and Brussels, Madrid, Manila, Krakow, Cebu, Athens, Bali, Brugge, Taipei, Cape Town, Hanoi and London - all were successful and attracted up to 80 attendees from over 50 global Carriers Companies around the world.